About North Bay Monument Co.

First Generation

North Bay Monument Co. has roots in Sonoma County dating back to 1869. In 1901, a craftsman named Massimo Galeazzi came to Sonoma County from Carrara, Italy, to quarry basalt from the local mountains and quarries. Along with Peter Maroni, Natale Forni and Angelo Sodini, Massimo built local establishments, such as:

  • Hotel La Rose
  • The Stone House on Highway 12
  • St. Rose Catholic Church
  • Jack London Wolf House
  • Andrew Carnegie Library

In 1937, Massimo partnered with Fisher Kinslow, John Costa and E.W.M. Evans to form what is still known as North Bay Monument Co.

Second Generation

The second generation began in 1957 when John Galeazzi took over ownership of the company. He continued operations of memorials and other stone fabrication services that his customers needed. John worked from 1957 until 1990, when he retired.

Third Generation

In 1990, Gary and Carole Galeazzi took ownership from his father, John, and moved the business from its Railroad Square location to Rohnert Park. Gary has over 40 years of experience in stone fabrication and memorial work, and he still runs and operates the memorial fabrication and installation portion of the company. Some of Gary's most important accomplishments include the Sonoma County War Memorial and many private family mausoleums throughout the county.


Fourth Generation

Kyle Galeazzi received his degree in finance from Sonoma State University and has been working for the family business for over 20 years. Starting in the early 1990s, when slab countertops and custom slab work demand became high, Kyle took on the residential and commercial slab work portion of the company. Now a major portion of the company, natural and manmade slab fabrication and installation are continuing to expand.

Generations to Come

Kyle and his wife, Alicia, have a young son, Cody, and a daughter, Ava. Only time will tell if North Bay Monument Co. continues on to its fifth generation of family ownership.